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Accessibility statement

Accessibility Statement

In so far as it is practicable, Hebridean Hopscotch Holidays, its providers of accommodation and activity organisers are committed to making all facilities available to all people, regardless of permanent or temporary disability, both for the convenience of our guests and for compliance with current legislation.

Accessible accommodation in the Outer Hebrides.

The range of accommodation available and the properties in which the accommodation is situated are diverse.  Some properties are international standard hotels and rank among the larger businesses in the area, while others are bed and breakfast providers with perhaps two or three letting bedrooms and maybe run as a paying hobby because their owners enjoy offering hospitality.

Many of the properties have fully accessible accommodation that meets current standards and some have accommodation that is not necessarily compliant with published standards but may be perfectly suitable depending on the occupant’s needs.  In some others, it may not have proved practical to provide accessible accommodation, perhaps because of the property’s construction, layout, geographical location or financial viability.

If you have restricted mobility or other accessibility needs, please feel welcome to discuss your holiday plans with one of our holiday advisors, who will do her/his best to offer an itinerary that takes your requirements into account.

Website Accessibilty

We are commited to giving people with disabilities equal access to websites and online content. This site has been designed with accessiblity in mind and we believe it will comply with equal access requirements.  For example, all text may be adjusted in size, all relevant images and links are provided with alternative descriptions and the coding has been checked for conformance to appropriate standards.

As the BBC have done such an excellent job of providing guidance for users who wish to adjust the way a site is displayed to them, probably much better than we could do, this link which will open their accessibility guide (into a new window) is provided to assist you.