Hebridean Hopscotch Holidays

What to do in the Outer Hebrides

Things to see and do in the Outer Hebrides

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Wildlife: There’s a huge variety of flora, fauna and sea life in the Outer Hebrides.  This page will point you towards the highlights and some sources of inspiration.

Food and drink: Local delicacies to look out for on your tour of the Outer Hebrides.

Activities: Ideas for excursions and active pursuits.

Golf: Six courses in as many days and a great variety between them. This page will provide the outline of a challenging holiday.

History: The Outer Hebrides is one of the earliest populated regions, so there is a long history and many ancient relics survive.  Read about it on this page.

Gaelic language: Like many other regional languages of European, Gaelic is enjoying a resurgence.  This page is intended to provide some background and to explain where the language fits in today’s Hebridean society.

Entertainment: While the Western Isles has a great culture of traditional entertainment, contemporary art, music and other creative activities are regularly appreciated.  Read about these genres as well as local community events.

Holidays with bike hire included: It’s a long way to bring a bike and our hire fleet could save you the bother. Enjoy a holiday with as much fresh air as you could ever want.