Hebridean Hopscotch Holidays

About your air journey

Loganair procedures

Flights to/from Barra are on an 18 seat Twin Otter, which lands and takes off on the beach. Other Hebridean flights are on a 34 seat Saab 340 or 32 seat Dornier 328 aircraft.

Getting to the airport

All airports are accessible by taxi.  Bus services are as shown below.

Glasgow: First 500 Glasgow Shuttle Bus makes the 20 to 30 minute journey between the airport and Glasgow City Centre, Queen St and Central Railway Stations and Buchanan St Bus Station. Frequency varies between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on time of day.  Cash and credit card payments are accepted on board and Scottish National Entitlement cards are valid for use.
More about Glasgow airport bus service.

Edinburgh: Airlink (Service 100) is Edinburgh’s dedicated express service between the Airport and Waverley Bridge in the City Centre. You can also get on/off the Airlink at other stops in the City Centre and the West of Edinburgh. Frequency is at least every 10 minutes and journey time about 20 to 30 minutes. Scottish National Entitlement cards are valid for use.  The Edinburgh tram service offers direct connection between the airport and city centre, but Scottish National Entitlement cards are not currently valid for use on trams..
More about Edinburgh airport bus service.More about Edinburgh airport tram service

Inverness: The JET bus links the airport with Inverness city centre (also Nairn).  Frequency is from 30 minutes to an hour, journey time 20 to 30 minutes.  Scottish National Entitlement cards are valid for use.
More about Inverness airport bus service – (PDF file opens in new window).

Barra: Barra Flight Connections links the airport with Castlebay. You can also get on/off the bus at other stops on the way to Castlebay.   Buses link with most flights – check the timetables for full information.  Some waiting may be involved as the same bus drops off to other parts of the island between flight check-in and departure times. Scottish National Entitlement cards are valid for use.
More about Barra airport bus service (PDF file opens in new window).

Stornoway: Local bus service W5 links the airport with Stornoway town centre. Journey time 10 to 15 minutes. You may find a taxi from the airport rank is more convenient.
More about Stornoway airport bus service – see W5 (PDF file opens in new window).


Check in: Although check in/baggage drop closes 30 minutes before scheduled departure that does not give sufficient time to be sure you’ll clear security and reach the gate in time for your flight.  We suggest that you are at check in/baggage drop at least 60 minutes before departure.

A passport is not essential for British passengers but you will require photographic proof of identity and should check current acceptable documents at this link to the Loganair website.

Flights from Glasgow normally depart from a dedicated Loganair departure lounge, which services the small aircraft used for Scottish domestic flights.  It’s not far beyond the security area so may be accessed quite quickly.  From the lounge, there’s a short walk to your aircraft waiting just outside.

From Edinburgh or Inverness, you will leave from one of the standard departure gates.

Island airports are much smaller than those on the mainland. Although the distance from the airport entrance to the aircraft normally totals no more than about 100 metres, there are less staff on security, so there can be queues – so our 60 minute recommendation still applies.


The baggage allowance on Loganair Scottish domestic flights is 15Kg.

Note that the cabin bag allowance is different to the standard Loganair allowance. You are allowed a cabin bag weighing no more than 6Kgs and measuring no more than 40cm x 35cm x 18cm – if you exceed the limit and it is noticed at check-in, it will be sent as hold luggage (if there’s space) at extra charge (currently £10 – November 2018).  If you exceed the limit and it’s not noticed, your cabin bag will be too big to fit the narrow overhead locker.

If the flight is busy and you have cabin baggage close to (or in excess of) the permitted size, it may be taken from you at the departure lounge, placed in the aircraft hold, then returned to you at the bottom of the steps on arrival at your destination.


Baggage handling at Scottish airports is generally faster than major hubs like Heathrow, Birmingham and Manchester.  At island airports, it’s exceptionally quick so you can expect to retrieve it within about 5 minutes of leaving the aircraft. Baggage retrieval at Barra is from a small shelter in the car park

Taxis are available at all airports, though you may wait a short period for one at Barra (the bus may be quicker).

Flydrive cars

Your flydrive car will be awaiting you at either Barra or Stornoway airport.