Hebridean Hopscotch Holidays

Travelling to your holiday accommodation in the Outer Hebrides

Finding your holiday accommodation


When you book a Hebridean Hopscotch holiday in the Outer Hebrides, we include a free copy of our recommended map of the islands – it will be packed with your holiday documents.

As your chosen hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest-houses or inns will not be marked on the map provided, we have set up individual Google maps for all of the accommodations, showing routes between the property, ferries and airports.

The maps for each property are linked from the individual accommodation pages on this website. When you open the map page, you can click the directions panel to customise the map for your preferred mode of travel (note that the bike mode is tucked away beneath the three dots). see the diagram below for more information.


Internet access

There are plenty of wifi-hotspots, but mobile internet access on your phone or tablet (3g and 4g) is virtually non existent in the Western Isles, so it’s essential that you print off any maps (or save for offline viewing) you require before leaving home. Trying to access one of these maps online while travelling is certain to disappoint!

SatNav (GPS)

If you use a SatNav to find your way, simply inputting a postcode will not help you much, as the postcode areas here are geographically quite large.

On the individual accommodation pages on this website, we list the latitude and longitude settings for each property, so that you can enter them into your SatNav GPS.  It’ll probably mean getting the instruction book out, so is worth doing before you leave home.  The settings are also listed in the welcome brochure that you will find with your holiday documents.